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LiveJournal icons by Lynzie.


Unobstructed is Lynzie (harmonious)'s icon journal. Here you will find anime/manga/video game icons, with the occasional TV/movie icon thrown in. Sometimes I make brushes. Sometimes I make gradients. Sometimes I write tutorials. Always I try to bring a bit of myself into this. I'm still trying to figure out who I am when it comes to graphic-making, and I may never figure it out, so do understand that my style will be ever-changing.

As much as I hate to make rules:

1. Never claim anything as your own.
While I don't require credit by any means, I do request that you don't take the credit for yourself. I put a lot of effort into what I do here, and while you're welcome to edit anything and everything you like to your heart's content, I'd appreciate it if you didn't say, "Hey, look what I made all by myself!" It's not very fair to me, hm?

2. I like comments.
And no, I don't mean "I'm a comment whore!" I like to have feedback on what I do. What do you like? What do you loathe? What did you take? What would you take if this or that was changed? You get the picture.

Oh, wait, that's it. :P I'm not very picky, but I may add or change rules as it becomes necessary. Enjoy!


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